Neural Networks Learn by Recycling

Brains Cling to Old Habits When Learning New Tricks Using a brain-computer interface, scientists are beginning to learn why learning is hard. The brain’s adaptability can sometimes seem endless. But observations of the brain during learning suggest that its networks of neurons can be surprisingly inflexible and inefficient. The hallmark of intelligence is the ability to learn. As decades of research have shown, our brains exhibit a high degree of “plasticity,” meaning that neurons can rewire their connections in response to new stimuli. But researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh have… Read moreNeural Networks Learn by Recycling

Google’s AI Learns Betrayal and “Aggressive” Actions Pay Off

As the development of artificial intelligence continues at breakneck speed, questions about whether we understand what we are getting ourselves into persist. One fear is that increasingly intelligent robots will take all our jobs. Another fear is that we will create a world where a superintelligence will one day decide that it has no need for humans. This fear is well-explored in popular culture, through books and films like the Terminator series. Another possibility is maybe the one that makes the most sense – since humans are the ones creating them, the machines and machine intelligences are… Read moreGoogle’s AI Learns Betrayal and “Aggressive” Actions Pay Off

AI Algorithms explain AI algorithms

Self-awareness, or the ability to understand and explain oneself, is one of the largest divides between artificial and human intelligence. While we may not fully understand ourselves, we can offer up a rationale for our decisions in most cases. On the other hand, AI algorithms are usually only programmed to provide an answer based on the data they’ve learned. That is, we can see their conclusions, but most of the time we don’t know how they arrived at them. That limits our ability to improve AI when something goes wrong, as well as learn from… Read moreAI Algorithms explain AI algorithms