AI researcher Robert Miles talks about artificial intelligence (Video)

Some quality AI talks here. If you are interested in AI research, or digital technology in general, you should definitely follow Robert Miles’s YouTube channel. You can learn about philosophy of AI development and much more. It’s really interesting. Robert Miles is a British AI researcher and YouTuber. Robert started his YouTube career on popular computing channel Computerphile, yet another very interesting YouTube channel, covering a broad range of computing topics before including the topic of AI safety from 2015. He would go on to explore more advanced AI safety scenarios on his own channel… Read moreAI researcher Robert Miles talks about artificial intelligence (Video)

AI Algorithms explain AI algorithms

Self-awareness, or the ability to understand and explain oneself, is one of the largest divides between artificial and human intelligence. While we may not fully understand ourselves, we can offer up a rationale for our decisions in most cases. On the other hand, AI algorithms are usually only programmed to provide an answer based on the data they’ve learned. That is, we can see their conclusions, but most of the time we don’t know how they arrived at them. That limits our ability to improve AI when something goes wrong, as well as learn from… Read moreAI Algorithms explain AI algorithms