Clear up the obsolete BIOS boot menu entries

Obsolete entries in the UEFI/EFI selection list of your bootmenu? Here is the cure! A BIOS has some NAND ram where it stores information about all those bootloaders. Often forgetting to delete it when you remove a system. To purge this list we will use a special utility for that. In Linux, that is efibootmgr, but as currently I don’t have Ubuntu installed, we’ll use Windows. In Windows the utility is called bcedit.exe Run it with this command. bcdedit /enum firmware It will produce a list of all entries in the BCD store. Export the… Read moreClear up the obsolete BIOS boot menu entries

How to Install phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server 16.04

Here is how to install phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server 16.04 First, update repositories and upgrade installed packages: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get uprgade Next, install the following packages: sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin php-mbstring php-gettext The installation wizard will start. Every step is self-explained. Follow the wizard to setup phpmyadmin according to your needs. If for some reason the configuration wizard didn’t start, use dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin Here is our configuration, as example: Reinstall database for phpmyadmin? yes Connection method for MySQL database of phpmyadmin: Unix socket MySQL database name for phpmyadmin: phpmyadmin MySQL username for phpmyadmin: phpmyadmin… Read moreHow to Install phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server 16.04